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Skandal. Ewenement Molesty

Cinema program "Skandal. Ewenement Molesty" in Lublin

Cinema   Sunday, 25 October
Morning Afternoon Evening
Multikino 21:25
Movie poster Skandal. Ewenement Molesty
Original title: Skandal. Ewenement Molesty
Runtime: 71 min.
Production: Polska , 2020
Release Date: 2 October 2020
Distribution: Best Film

Ursynów housing estates, in the mid 90's. A few boys fascinated by MTV and rap from across the water assume the Mistic Molesta line-up as an expression of youthful rebellion against gray reality. Then they do not know yet that their music will change the Polish hip-hop scene and they themselves will become the voice of the young generation. So far the plan is simple: compose rhymes, glue beats and ... have fun.
Their first album - "Skandal" - did not take long. Hooligan rap performed by them goes to store shelves and immediately becomes a hit! Everyone listened to Molesta and their texts became a benchmark of moral values for young people.

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